What’s new with Star Wars ?

With the recent release of the final episode of the Skywalker storyline this December, and the end of « The Mandalorian »(the latest Star Wars Netflix series), the Star Wars franchise actually has one of the most popular cinematic universes these days.

So here is a little recap of the latest Star Wars news.


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In November, Star Wars released its brand new Netflix series, directed by Jon Favreau. It tells the story of Din Djarin, a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter who’s given a really particular job : He has to transport a baby of the same species as the famous Master Yoda. This baby yoda didn’t take long to completely invade the internet in merely a few days and now has his own clothing brand ! The series is not legally available in France yet, but it will be released very soon with the new streaming platform « Disney + »

The series has been applauded by critics and has been renewed for another season !


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The inescapable Star Wars cartoon spin-off The Clone Wars is finally back for it’s 7th and final season after a 7 year hiatus while the series was cancelled due to a change of directors !

In this season, we have to prepare for the last time ever we will see Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, Yoda and every other legendary character of this story in the new Star Wars extended universe !

If you want to legally watch this final season you’re gonna have to wait for the release of Disney + in France, which has been postponed to the 7th of April in an attempt to avoid the saturation of the internet servers.


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After its monstrous results at the box office in theatres last December, the conclusion of more than 40 years of absolute magic all over the world is now available on digital HD, and will be available for everyone in DVD and Blu-ray as soon as the quarantine is over !

Although the movie was not universally acclaimed, it is still one of the best Star Wars pictures for many fans, and maybe the most spectacular one because there are more special effects than in any other Star Wars movie !

So here is your chance to watch it if you didn’t get to say goodbye to Rey, Kylo and everybody behind them in theatres, or if you just can’t let them go even after watching the movie

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And there are tons of other star wars surprises coming beyond that with the incoming brand new trilogy for 2022, the future spin-off show about Obi-Wan, the very short cartoons « Galaxy of Adventures » on the Star Wars Kids youtube channel, the announcement of a spin-off series about Captain Cassian Andor, the beginning of the luminous project that is going to make books in a time where the luminous side of the force is living in peace in this galaxy, a lot of video games, and the list is still long !

See you soon in a galaxy far, far away…

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